When Was Chevrolet Founded?

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When was Chevrolet founded? The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded in the Motor City on November 3, 1911. In a few short years, this motor company would become a staple of the Detroit automotive community and eventually a leading car maker around the world.


The Chevrolet legacy is built on much more than tradition. Innovation is at the core of Chevy. That trailblazing spirit continues to impress drivers from Marshalltown to Cedar Rapids and beyond. Learn more of the Chevrolet history below and be sure to browse our exciting new Chevy inventory!

Who is the Maker of Chevrolet?

The Chevrolet name and symbol are known the world over, but who founded Chevrolet? Back in 1911, Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant formed an automotive partnership that changed the world by making the fist Chevy car.

Chevrolet’s history began as a Swiss race car driver and an engineer. Durant was the founder and former CEO of General Motors. Durant’s work lead to a merger between Chevy and GM. As Chevy grew, it created the integrity to match. An early Chevy leader, Alred Sloan believed that Chevy could build “a car for every purse and every purpose.” The current diverse lineup of Chevy vehicles shows that this mission has remained at the core of Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Logo History

A big part of Chevrolet’s history is tied to the recognizable Chevrolet logo. There are several theories about where the Chevrolet logo’s history, and we’ll discuss them all below. We’ll let you decide which version of Chevrolet history to believe.

  • The Paris Theory: The first theory suggests that Chevrolet’s founder, William Durant, fell in love with the Parisian wallpaper at the hotel he was staying at, and brought the Chevy bowtie back to the state and adopted it for Chevrolet’s logo.
  • The Newspaper Theory: Durant’s own daughter suggested that her father got the idea for the Chevy bowtie from one of his absent-minded doodles during dinner.
  • The Coalettes Theory: Durant’s widow stated that he drew inspiration from an ad he saw in the newspaper for a product for “Coalettes,” made by the Southern Compressed Coal Company.

Where Was the First Chevrolet Factory?

Now that you know who founded Chevrolet, you might be curious about where the first factory was. The home of the first Chevy factory was in Flint, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. The area is known as the “Chevy Commons” today.

What Was the First Chevy Model Produced?

If you asked, “when was Chevrolet founded?” you may also wonder about their first model. The Series C Classic Six was the first car produced by Chevy. This vehicle was designed by Louis Chevrolet himself and was introduced to the world at the 1913 New York Auto show.

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