How to Sell Your Car For Cash

2020 Ram 1500
Are you wondering, “How to sell my car online?” but unsure how to get started? Thys Automotive Family can make selling your car for cash a quick and pain-free process.

The first thing you should do is value your trade online. This tool will estimate your car’s cash value based on the information you provide. You can use multiple trade-in tools for comparisons, such as Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book.

If your vehicle has minor issues that will lessen its value, you can take it to a service center near you for repair. Repairing your car before you bring it in for inspection will make it easier to get a higher offer.

Prepare Your Car For Sale

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell my car online at a good price near Cedar Rapids, the first step is improving its sellability. Give your vehicle a deep clean before bringing it in to sell your car for cash at our dealership. Buff out any noticeable marks on the body, then vacuum and clean your car seats and floor mats. Appearance is half the battle when selling your car, and a clean car will get a better offer than one that needs a lot of work.

Follow the steps below to sell your car for cash at the best price:

  1. Clean your car inside and out. Vacuum the carpet to remove dirt and other debris and buildup. Clean your floor mats and car seats, then start on your exterior.
  2. Give your car a deep clean before putting it on the market. Make sure it’s well-buffed, and the windows and windshield clean before taking pictures.
  3. Fix any issues you find, such as scratches, or faulty headlights that will affect your car’s value. Bring it to a service center and have a mechanic check under the hood for any mechanical issues that lower its value.
  4. Collect your vehicle’s documentation. The title, vehicle history report, and extra accessories like key fobs, are important to have on hand.

How to Sell a Car Online

How to sell a car online? You can start the process of selling my car online with our value your trade-in tool. Once you’ve received an estimate of your car’s market value, call us at either of our eastern Iowa locations. We’ll set up a time for you to bring your car in for an inspection by a service team member. Once they’ve inspected your car, we’ll give you an offer, and you can choose to accept it or negotiate.

  • Belle Plaine, IA: (319) 444-2163
  • Blairstown, IA: (319) 454-6414

Bring in your online trade-in paperwork to our dealerships near Blairstown and give it to the dealer for reference during your vehicle’s inspection. Having the estimate in front of you will add to your negotiating power, especially if the dealer’s offer is less than the estimate you received.

Sell Your Car For Cash at Thys Automotive Family

Why choose Thys? Unlike some car dealerships near Belle Plaine that will pressure you to trade-in your vehicle, you’ll experience no pressure to buy from us when you come in to sell your car for cash. Our Chevrolet dealership in Blairstown and CDJR dealership in Belle Plaine will give you fair offers for your used models.

If you do choose to trade-in your vehicle, our pre-owned vehicle specials lower the cost of financing. Contact us for more information about trading in your vehicle or selling your car for cash.

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